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What You Need to Know

Community Works Journal welcomes unsolicited articles and essays. Submissions will be reviewed and their authors contacted promptly. We are always glad to speak with prospective authors about their story ideas. contact us

Community Works Journal is published by Community Works Institute (CWI), in support of teaching practices that build community. Community Works Journal is now in its fourteenth year of publication and continues to meet a crucial need for sharing reflections on teaching, along with models and resources that inspire by example.

The Journal supports educators from K-16 schools, community-based programs, and supporting networks. Over the years we have published hundreds of stories from urban, rural, and suburban communities, large and small. The articles we publish range from deeply personal reflections to more formal description of programs and curriculum.

Community Works Journal reaches a diverse, international audience. Most of our readers are educators-ranging from K-16 settings to formal and informal community based programs-along with representatives of local, national, and international organizations. Additionally, a sizable number of our readers are individual community members and students with a direct interest in supporting and improving local education.

We look for articles and essays that highlight important issues, or innovative educational strategies and practices involving educators and students in meaningful work within their communities. Articles may also feature curriculum or program examples, tools and teaching resources. We are especially interested in reflections on teaching, learning and the experience of community through educational endeavors. [you must include email contact]

You should begin by telling a story that you think will engage our readers. Put your efforts into a larger or local context. Incorporating reflections and comments by participants is a huge plus. Search for the aspects of your work that offer larger lessons and that you think will inspire and inform others.

We encourage submissions from members of the higher education community. However, academic papers and formal manuscripts will generally only be published if they are truly engaging-written for a broader audience, and include photos, participant comments and personal reflection by the writer. Formal research papers with an overabundance of citations and a lack of engaging narrative are discouraged. We prize writing that informs and analyzes but does so in a highly readable way.

Appropriate topics and areas of focus include:
· Sustainability · Place-Based Education · Service-Learning
· Environmental Education and Ecological Literacy
· Local History and Cultural Preservation
· Community Partnerships
· Reviews of resources that support our areas of focus

Author's Biography
Please include a brief author's biography (3-4 sentences) .

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Community Works Journal holds copyright on all original material published in the Journal and retains the right to include materials on our web-site. We are very cooperative with authors who have opportunities to republish their article with other publications.

Submissions should be sent by email, as an attachment. Most word processing formats are acceptable. Minimal formatting is suggested. Word count maximum is generally 2,400-3,000 words. Please contact us if this is a problem. In some cases we will edit for length with the author's request. An exception to word maximum may be the inclusion of information on a resource of significance to the article.

The author's name and email must be included.

Community Works Journal
PO Box 226968  l Los Angeles, CA 90602 l 909-480-3966


OUR PUBLICATION PARTNERS INCLUDE: Community Works Institute; Antioch University, NE, Green Teacher, Facing the Future; Green Teacher Magazine; The Journal of Folklore in Education

© copyright 1995-2019, Community Works Institute (CWI)
All rights reserved. CWI is a non-profit educational organization dedicated
to engaging students and teachers with their local communities through integrated learning projects.

CONTENT USE POLICY No material contained within this web site may be reproduced in print, by electronic or other means, without permission. All materials contained in this web site remain the sole and exclusive property of CWI, or the author if designated by arrangement. contact us

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